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Xeelas reduces your operating costs by at least 20%. With smart IoT solutions we make it possible to monitor machines and objects remotely, reduce logistic tasks and prevent unnecessary maintenance. Don’t lose materials anymore. And let drivers, service engineers and suppliers no longer waste time searching for machines.


We know your world as well as the IoT landscape. We integrate our knowledge and expertise in your business. But we also know that the real challenge is the change. That is why Xeelas provides not only the technical know how, but also project management and change management. We guide the entire process to ensure successful implementation.

We are your IoT departement.


The competition is high in construction and infrastructure and innovation is a necessity. "We need to do something with IoT!" You probably have heard this. But what do you have to do first and how? Xeelas helps you understand the optimal techniques so we can develop a successful strategy. Together we enforce the right to exist for your organization in this digital world and ensure that you are future-proof.

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Xeelas is transformation

We are Xeelas. An energetic startup of experts, specialised in Internet of Things, who offer high-tech and innovative solutions. Xeelas literally means "transformation" and that is exactly what we deliver. But Xeelas is also a new development in the field of entrepreneurship. We are committed, as a successful commercial company, to provide humanitarian aid. Because first of all we are people. And we are well aware that we have been very lucky with our place of birth in this world. From different backgrounds we have found each other in Xeelas because we all believe in the same.

With Xeelas we want to change the world.

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